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Mechanical ventilation and heat recovery

Maintenance of the mechanical ventilation system is not something you think about every day. After all, the system simply does its job, 24 hours a day, all year round. Also when you don't do anything to it. Yet proper maintenance of the mechanical ventilation system is essential. Not only for the life span and operation of the system, but also for the health of you and your family.


A well-maintained ventilation system contributes to a healthy indoor climate. Mechanical ventilation systems continuously ensure sufficient air circulation and keep the moisture content in balance. This is especially important for houses built after 1970, since they are well insulated. Without good mechanical ventilation, mould, bacteria and unpleasant odours can develop in various parts of the house. This is not only annoying, but also increases the risk of health problems. We advise to have the ventilation system maintained and the ducts cleaned at least once every four years. In the case of heat recovery, we recommend that the filters be replaced at least once a year.

The air that is extracted via ventilation valves can therefore contain dust as well as moisture, mould and bacteria. Over time, these can accumulate in the filters, valves and ducts. This reduces the capacity of the ventilation system, which in turn reduces the amount of fresh air entering the house.

A poorly maintained ventilation system can lead to complaints such as respiratory problems, poor sleep, coughing fits, headaches, nausea and reinforced allergies.

Energy consumption

The fan that sets the air in motion continuously consumes power. Modern ventilation systems are equipped with energy-efficient direct current motors. If no maintenance is carried out, the system will have to work harder to move the air. The power consumption can therefore quickly increase. The noise level may also increase: the fan may make more noise due to dirt and imbalance.

In practice

Research has shown that the mechanical ventilation in more than half of the homes in the Netherlands is not in order. The air in those houses does not meet the legal requirements. This can often be solved with cleaning, replacement and regular maintenance and correct use of the system.

The mechanical ventilation boxes that we install are fitted with a moisture sensor as standard. This ventilation box switches on automatically when there is an increased moisture content in the house, such as when cooking or showering. This way, you do not have to worry about it and the moisture balance in the house remains ideally balanced.

The boxes we install also have the option of linking and adding a wireless control unit. For example, in addition to the control in the kitchen, you can also choose to place a wireless control in the bathroom.
It is also possible to connect a CO2 sensor in sleeping areas, for example, to create a fully automatic ventilation system for even more convenience and to save even more electricity.

Is your mechanical ventilation still equipped with an AC fan? During maintenance, consider a modern direct-current ventilator. The costs of purchase and installation will be recouped within a few years, after which you will save considerably on electricity consumption every year.

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